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"Well begun is half done."


We are an angel investment platform, based on an innovative Venture model that operates in an open architecture. Working together is our essence, so we are always in search of new relationship dynamics with people, projects and businesses.

Delos is a small and important island in Greece, declared World Heritage Site and known for being a sacred place, and the birthplace of Apollo, the Sun God.

The trident was chosen for being an important symbol of Greek mythology and for representing our awakening attitude, in a provocative way, to our entrepreneurs.


According to Delos Ventures, responsible and connected entrepreneurship is the best way to build a better world. We are only focused on projects related to development of people, organizations and society. We work with innovative ideas, differentiated entrepreneurs, management and governance models that support search for the best results.

We believe that consistent and sustainable returns increase the impact of our projects and the scope of our ideas.


The search for projects that generate impacts for society, and can transform and improve the world we live in.



We work so that the impact of our projects reaches all dimensions in a balanced way, involving employees, suppliers, entrepreneurs, investors and society.


We act differently to face known and unknown challenges, with a pioneering and innovative performance regarding projects, and in the way of entering in relationship with stakeholders of the enterprises we take part.


We ensure that good governance and management practices are a differential for our projects, so we have developed corporate governance models for the companies we invest in.


We are committed to rethinking and looking ahead in a different way in all projects, rationalizing the resources involved, to do more, with less and less, without losing our essence.


We act in a participative and active way in the companies that we invest. We believe in the pursuit of superior profitability with sustainable performance within projects deadlines and progresses. We are Smart Money.


He served for more than 20 years as an executive at Citibank, Burson-Marsteller and BankBoston, in the latter, he was statutory director. He currently acts as C-level executive coach and advisor. He has graduated at ICC and ICF, and is certified in Cultural Transformation by Barrett Value Centre , also act as an organizational transformation consultant, has been conducting leadership, management and corporate governance programs for large and medium-sized organizations, family business companies, startups and third sector organizations.

Graduated in Business Administration by Unifacs and postgraduate in Marketing by the University of California at Berkeley, Fernando holds a degree in "Leading Organizational Change" by Columbia School, "Strategic Negotiation Program" by Harvard School, "Competitive Marketing Strategy" by Wharton School, Rotman School's International Executive Program, Yale University's "Program on Corporate Governance" and " Digital Board Program" by Hyper Island. He has been a Board Member of the Board of Directors for the 32nd IBGC class, and is a member of the Development Program for Counselors in the 21st group of Fundação Dom Cabral.

He is advisor at Cacau Show Institute, and an independent member of Cacau Show and Objective and Benassi Groups Board of Directors.

Entrepreneur and angel investor with 15 projects in his portfolio.

"A life without challenges is not worth living."


One of the first consulting companies in Brazil, exclusively dedicated to executive coaching and leadership development.
In 2003, we acted as angel investor of the project, and took part in the company launching and development. We sold our corporate interests in 2011.

Eyeshot is a technology company specialized in healthcare. It is a pioneer in development of health web services and applications.
In 2007, we acted as an angel investor, and left the project in 2008.

Maxca$h acted as banking correspondent for financial products representing and distributing financial products for large banks.
We act in structuring and obtaining investors to acquire the project, maintaining entrepreneurs. Write-off in 2011.

Launched in 2010 with a proposal that combines executive recruitment with an exclusive on-boarding coaching service.
The project was incubated by Delos Ventures, which also contributed to the structuring of partnership and governance model. Corporate interests were sold in 2014. 

Company focused on recruitment and selection projects with high volume of vacancies, created in 2013, based on digital technology and platforms.
We took part in company creation and implementation. Corporate interests sold in 2014.

Real estate development located in Ibiúna dam / SP. It will be a new landmark in sustainable country condominiums in Brazil. Launch planned for 2018.
We are taking part in a consortium of investors that has made this project feasible.

A social selling company that has given women the opportunity to have their own fashion accessory business.
We were co-investors in this project, together with Astella Investimentos, Redpoint e-ventures, and Verus Group. Write-off in 2015.

Boutique consulting company that supports companies in their challenges of growth and evolution, in matters related to organizational transformation, human capital, governance, and strategy.
In 2012, we took part in OCKAM gestation and implementation. This project is under strategic review.

Performance media based on digital platform, focused on consumption experiences, and campaigns dedicated to offer discount coupons offer for major brands and retailers.
Since 2014, we are co-investors of the project, together with ACE and Verus Group, having Buscapé Company as the company strategic investor.

Management platform that solves the main processes of a small business in a simple, intuitive and efficient way, through a cloud management system.
Since 2016, we are co-investors of the project, together with Astella Investimentos, Brasfanta and Verus Group.

It is an alternative to the Brazilian judicial system, which offers online agreement system, connecting consumer with the company. E-Arbitranet, an arbitration chamber for conflict resolution.
Since 2015, we have been acting as angel investors in this project, together with AC.

"Where there is no sunlight, we can see the stars."


  • Advisory, Executive Coaching and Sounding Boarding: we support entrepreneurs, heirs, CEOs and C-level executives in their development, reflection and decision-making processes.

  • Implementation of Corporate Governance: we work on the concept, development and implementation of governance systems for family companies or companies that seek reaching a new level.

  • Independent role in Boards: we take an independent and provocative attitude towards advisory councils of family companies, partnerships and investmentsof private equity funds.


Our consulting experience includes programs of organizational transformation, culture management, succession, leadership development, innovation, strategy and corporate governance, for companies such as Ambev, Artplan, Banco Itaú and Original, Cargill, Cacau Show, Carglass, Coca-Cola Femsa , Credicard Citi, Brazil Kirin, BNP Paribas, JLT, Wurth,, Mitsubishi, Onix, Petrosynergy, Procter & Gamble, Sump, Tokio Marine, Volkswagen, Zevi, and the Baumgart, Belasis, Objective and Arnauts Groups.

"The sun is new each day."


Rua Sampaio Viana, 75, 7º andar, sala 708 - Paraíso - Cep: 04004-000 - São Paulo/SP - Brasil.

Email: - Telefone: + 55 11 2500-3330